Assignment One: Introducing Yourself

What follows are the designs and back of card information I completed for Assignment One: Introducing Yourself.

Good Design

The iconography of Graphic Design, Ben Skipper, 2019

My name is Ben Skipper and I’ve recently started Graphic Design Core Concepts. My interest in design, and Graphic Design in general, has grown over the past couple of years.

During my experimentation with photography during Express your Vision and subsequent research I Started to see how photography could be used in new ways of communication. I don’t have a particularly strong illustrative background, so influenced by the work and thoughts of Cartier-Bresson in particular, I started to see the photograph as mobile studio.

The more I’ve investigated photography as a form of visual communication I have found myself investigating and drawn more toward the world of Graphic Design.

Culturally, I have been influenced by the formalism of the religious art produced by the native Jewish, Christian and Muslim practitioners. Whilst these maintain a beauty of their own, their dogmatic roots have ruled the roost leading me to seek something different and new.

I am drawn to the flowing beauty of the Arts and Crafts movement, as well as the detail and discipline of the Bauhaus and Dadaists. I am also attracted to the abstract works of early Soviet National Socialist Propaganda and mid 20th Century Western advertising and fashion.

The design above hopefully echo’s my love of the iconic, the dynamic whilst tipping a nod to the work of Berger.

Harkila 1

Numnah Sponsorship Print for Event Rider Sammy Oliver, Ben Skipper, 2017

What does this particular design mean to me? It was my first commission, for British Event rider Sammy Oliver. The finished design featured three elements I had designed and one that was supplied by clothing manufacturer Harkila.

It was a moment for me to develop my own Graphic Design skills, but also to learn the importance of following the clients brief. Of selecting the right colours, font and image.

The leaping horse and oak tree images were slightly modified generic downloads, chosen for their visual presence as much as the supporting power of the individuals they were representing.

I placed the leaping horse over the names to deliberately echo the many jumps found on an eventing cross-country course.

This was also a moment for me to experiment with various font, choosing one that best matched the client as well as being the most dynamic.

Overall a great experience in which I learnt a lot and to see it in the flesh so to speak was a great moment.

Spirit of 07

The Spirit of 07 (Help for Heroes), Ben Skipper, 2018

This design is part of my latest commission  for a charity (2007 being their founding year). I was lucky to work as part of a group with each artist and designer responsible for a particular task. In this case mine was looking at clothing branding.

I was heavily influenced by the ‘68 clothing range campaign that Triumph Motorcycles ran a decade ago featuring the actor Steve McQueen. I wanted to create something dynamic both visually and aesthetically that worked with the brand culture, but also extended it beyond the norm.

For me this design is not so much about the finished piece but what it represents. Collaboration, experimentation and learning.

It was designed in Photoshop with the colour palette dictated by the corporate colours.

By playing around with the designs fonts, sizing and spacing I came up with this design, which could be attached to a fabric tab on an article of clothing or as a stand alone logo.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working to a brief, with a team and hammering out a design using font, layers and colour as well as learning a few new skills along the way.


The Language of Style, Ben Skipper 2019

What is Graphic Design without Type and Typography? Or Colour? Or imagination? How can it be utilised to convey the message? Is it fit for purpose? How is it constructed? Does the design work?

A lot of questions come to me around design and the more the merrier as they say. I’m attracted to design visually and aesthetically, looking at fonts work with images, striping the design down to its layers and considering its form.

For me this particular design is a moment to use fonts to pass on a message not only literally but also figuratively, I couldn’t resist Beauty.

I looked to use a variety of communication forms, including a simple rebus element. This exercised allowed me a moment of play and whimsicality, to let loose and use font as tool to shows its beauty, uses and structure. I was planning on using stylised sets of angles to portray the curves and flows of Typography, but found them a little too fussy and felt they detracted from my intent a little.

As much as I would love to claim credit for the centre Typography anatomy feature, this came from . This was found as a result of research, a facet that I thoroughly enjoy in my studies.

As well as using Photoshop I used Affinity Publisher. I’ve found the Affinity package straightforward enough and look forward to using it over the duration of my studies.

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